For family reason, our store will temporarily close until Feb 23rd, 2018. Sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your all time support.

Name Tag Holder is free of charge now, one holder for one bag purchase. All logos are currently out of stock. 



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Your commands and recommendation are always welcome!

We understand there is a wide variety of RC airplane with different sizes and currently our wing bags can only accommodate certain sizes and types. However, we are willing to put any wing bag into production if there is sufficient demand.

We sincerely welcome your recommendations on the wing bags that you want. Please advice the airplane model, wing size, and suitable wing bag size or designs.

We also appreciate if you could share your experiences with other modelers, what RC plane could fit with our wing bags. We will manage a list and post on our web.


Please ask us your questions and we will return your email promptly

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